What You Can Do To Prevent Child Abduction and Exploitation

1) Know where your children are at all times. Be familiar with their friends and daily activities.
2) Be sensitive to changes in your children's behavior; they are a signal that you should sit down and talk to your children about what caused the changes.
3) Be alert to a teenager or adult who is paying an unusual amount of attention to your children or giving them inappropriate or expensive gifts.
4) Teach your children to trust their own feelings, and assure them that they have the right to say NO to what they sense is wrong.
5) Listen carefully to your children's fears, and be supportive in all your discussions with them.
6) Teach your children that no one should approach them or touch them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable. If someone does, they should tell the parents immediately.
7) Be careful about baby-sitters and any other individuals who have custody of your children.