Sharing Acts of Kindness

Though me and my granddaughter take daily walks (she's 5) this was a special walk that my 9 y/o son also joined in on. There was a very nice lady who looked homeless digging for change to buy lunch.
She just wanted a hamburger. She had told me and the kids to go first and I did so reluctantly.
Meanwhile she was telling my kids how I was so lucky because she loved kids but never blessed her with any.
I then stood aside and let her order.
She didn't know until the girl gave her change that I had paid for her meal and told the girl to give her the change.
She almost couldn't eat for the tears, even had me crying.
When she asked why I did it my reply was "someone told me to".
If we all pitched in one meal for one person, would it really break us?
We are then seeing where our "donations" go firsthand.
I hope God smiles down on this lady.
When my son and granddaughter also asked why I did it they got the same reply.
They were beaming with pride that "mom" and "nana" had helped that "nice old lady".
God Bless us all, for someday we may well be that "nice old lady".
~Shared by JeWest2000