Hugs: An Act of Kindness

People under stress need lots of hugs per day in order to function effectively--maybe as many as twenty.
Hugs make you feel good because they show you someone else cares about you and likes you.
They reinforce your self-esteem, they give you a breathing space and a break from stressful situations and they allow for contact with other people.
When you are under stress, you cannot get too much of a good thing!
Hugs don't have to be physical all the time. They can be compliments, a kind word, doing a favor for someone, encouragement, a smile, a hello, a friendly nod in your direction--all the things WE often FORGET to do.
Hugs in our society have become scarce. People DESERVE politeness, hugs, consideration, courtesy, and kind words. People DESERVE to be LOVED.
When was the last time you got a hug?
HUGS, FOR EVERYONE! You are ALL special.....