Creations Guardians Creator, Stephanie Jobe, In Her Own Words

*** A Friend Speaks ***

When Stephanie Jobe first conceived the idea of "Creations Guardians" she was a young kid of 12. Accept, tolerate and love were what she wanted to teach others about.

She had learned about acceptance, tolerance and love for many of her young years under harsh and sometimes heart-breaking circumstances. She and her mother lived out of cars and homeless shelters on and off during her earlier years. She knew the heartache of not being excepted.

She struggled with many developmental obstacles and learning disabilities. She's worked harder than most kids would to make straight A's at school, despite the obstacles she's had to overcome.

Stephanie is now 15 and has won national recognition for her ideas, tenacity and strength. She has overcome hardship to become a great young lady!

As for me, I call myself lucky and blessed for knowing Stephanie. Have I learned what it means to accept, tolerate and love? Oh yes! Much more for knowing this young girl than I ever thought possible.

I hope all of you who visit here will go away feeling a little more fulfilled in some way and that you will spread the message of "Accept, Tolerate, and Love".

~Lisa Ferruggia
January 2003

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