Repose of the Soul

We all have met her, that special woman who draws you into her orb with a radiant smile. Her eyes light up as you tell her how you've been. She attracts men, women, children, and animals, for her complete attention is soothing and hypnotic. When you walk away from her you feel as if you have been bathed in a beautiful warm light. You have... It's called Love, and this ancient beauty secret is available to all of us. When we are genuinely interested in others, a graciousness comes over us that is compelling. "She did not talk to people as if they were strange hard shells, she had to crack open to get inside. She talked as if she were already in the shell. In their very shell." Marita Bonner wrote of a soulful woman in 1926. Would that each of us were such a person. Would that each of us could become one. We Can... Most of us have more harried moments in our daily lives than tranquil ones. But by taking the time to step outside our own sphere to embrace others, we open ourselves up to the power of God. We are suddenly lit up from inside, and this illumination can transform our looks more effectively than any fancy salon or beauty makeover. Today, act as if you are a person with repose of the soul. Greet everyone you meet with a warm smile. No matter how busy you are, don't rush your encounters with coworkers, family, and friends. Speak softly. Listen attentively. Act as if every conversation you have is the most important thing on your mind today. Look your children and your partner in the eyes when they talk to you. Stroke the cat, caress the dog. Lavish love on every living being you meet. See how different you feel at the end of the day.
~Author Unknown~