Listen To Your Heart

We all want to make things better in our lives, but lots of times we just don't know where or when to begin. Sometimes we are troubled about something deep inside, and we are afraid of dealing with our problems because we've been hurt before, and we remember what hurt can bring. Making things better involves changing but change isn't always such a bad thing. Life isn't always easy... no one ever promised it would be. But it can be wonderful at times, and it's up to us to make those times happen. Where? Beginning within. When? With the dawn of each new day. How? Listen to your heart... It will really show you the way. Our heart can be very fragile. Yet it can give us the strongest feelings we can possibly feel. Our hearts don't heal as fast as we want it to heal but once you open your heart again each wound will seal away. Listen to your heart with that sixth sense we all posses. When you do, it might take you to places you've always only dreamt of. When you do, it might lead you to that someone so very special. Listen to your heart for it speaks in volumes, for it speaks the language of love.
~Author Unknown~