Daily Acceptance Prayer

I accept myself completely.
I accept my strengths and my weaknesses, my gifts and my shortcomings, my good points and my faults.
I accept myself completely as a human being.
I accept that I am here to learn and grow.
I accept that I am learning and growing.
I accept the personality I've developed.
I accept my power to heal and change.
I accept myself without condition or reservation.
I accept that the core of my being is goodness and that my essence is love, and I accept that I sometimes forget that.
I accept myself completely, and in this acceptance I find an ever-deepening inner strength. From this place of strength, I accept my life fully and I am open to the lessons it offers me today.
I accept that within my mind are both fear and love, and I accept my power to choose which I will experience as real.
I accept that I experience only the results of my own choices.
I accept the times that I choose fear as part of my learning and healing process, and I accept that I have the potential and power in any moment to choose love instead.
I accept mistakes as a part of growth, so I am always willing to forgive myself and give myself another chance.
I accept that my life is the expression of my thought, and commit myself to aligning my thoughts more and more each day with the Thoughts of God.
I accept that I am an expression of God. God's hands and voice and heart on earth.
I accept my own life as a blessing and a gift.
My heart is open to receive, and I am deeply grateful. May I always share the gifts that I receive fully, freely, and with joy.