Reaching Out

We reach out to help others every single day making sure to take every possible opportunity that is presented to us daily to make even the smallest difference in the lives of others. Most often then not I find that even the smallest assistance given to someone can have gigantic affects in the long run. For it is not the amount of help given, but the sincerity of it. I have learned this lesson the hard way and I am still learning it. I have had my share of problems and bad times, and I am still going through some of them today, and I will still live with some of them all of my life, for they have scarred my soul for life and no amount of time will heal them. Yet, even though I must deal with these problems, I take what I have learned from what I have gone through and use it to try and help others get through their problems and pain. I believe that we cannot dwell on our problems if we are to get over them, we must focus on helping others and their problem, in doing so we will help ourselves overcome our own. If we dwell on our own problems, they have a tendency to get us down, causing our problems to become more overwhelming, making us spend more time dealing with our own problem until it consumes our entire life and we feel that there is no way to correct it and that no one can or will be able to help us with it. I hope that this can help someone dealing with problems in their life that they feel are overwhelming, remember, you are not alone in having problems and having tragedies in your life, we all are going through some in one fashion or another. There is always someone out there that is willing and can help you. Please, remember that you are not alone and that we do care. Remember the old saying, united we stand, divided we fall, for there is power in numbers. I believe that we all can live in a place of greater beauty and inner peace by meditating on these words and their personal meaning to you daily:
LOVE Bring into focus the attempt to love ourselves and others more every day.
GRATITUDE Upon rising and retiring, show gratitude to God or your higher power for what the day brings. It might mean gratitude for making it through the day, for the smile from a stranger, the love of a friend, a simple meal, a warm bed, a sunset, a pet. Create the 30 seconds it takes daily to do this.
BELIEF Studies reported by Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Prayer is Good Medicine; Norman Vincent Peale, Ph.D., author of The Power of Positive Thinking; and many others have shown that to have a belief in something greater than ourselves can enhance our health, immune system and attitude.
LAUGHTER Could this be the best medicine? Is there a correlation between the fact that a child who laughs an average of 300 times/day can be optimistic and curious about life vs. an adult who laughs an average of only 17 times/day? Create the space for humor through uplifting people, books, movies daily . . . and at ourselves and all of our humanness!
INNER PEACE Created by living honestly and truthfully every day in everything you do. Be conscious. Be aware of all of your decisions. On top of this, create 10-20 minutes/day to meditate or pray and get ready to "roll" in the feelings associated with inner peace. I am sending all of you Positive thoughts for a much beautiful rewarding life.