Just Some Thoughts

No amount of money can change how one looks and acts on the inside. Yes, it can buy new clothes, makeup, surgeries that are supposed to make you look even younger and other possessions that supposedly show your status, but it does not buy happiness, true happiness, that comes from within. Once you find that true happiness you won't want to let go of it. For it permeates your person from the inside out, it heals you and makes you feel good about yourself. Once you have found that happiness you won't want to let it go for it makes you feel whole again, it lifts you up from that state of loneliness that you are in and takes you to a place that you would not trade for all of the riches in the world. What is it you ask that can make one this happy, what is it that can take you to a place where you won't want to leave? It is as simple as giving food to the hungry, helping to house the homeless or just taking the time to help mend an injured animal or just taking the extra time to recycle. Doing any of these simple things will fan the spark of true happiness that is already within you and with that simple little act and the fact that you know that you did something good that helped someone or the Earth and all of its inhabitants, you will feed that spark turning it into a flame. If you continue to feed that flame of happiness daily, it will turn into a fire that will start to consume you and take over your entire being, beaming outwardly so as to shine like a beacon for all the world to see and follow in your actions, deeds and words. For this feeling of true happiness is something that everyone needs and if everyone had it, the violence among people and the senseless destruction and slaughter of the Earth and it inhabitants would be a thing of the past, a forgotten memory of how bad the world once had once been. If the ancient Roman Empire was able to achieve a 1,000 years of peace and ancient England able to achieve 100 years of peace under Charlamagne, WHY can't we as a civilized society achieve the same thing? If you look back at the past century, mankind has raged more wars in that little span of time that has taken more lives than any previous century before. Just think of what this world this world would be like if we did have 1,000 years or even just 100 years of peace, just think of all of the things that we would be able to achieve as we work together. We would have the time to correct most of the things that we have done to the Earth, healing it and restoring it to its natural beauty and its original healing power. In doing so we would also be able to find a way to end homelessness and bring an end to hunger without having to kill any animals to do so, we would be able to create a way were every one would have medical and dental care and not have to worry about getting sick. We could make it to were everyone not matter age, race, income level or sexual preference would be able to go to school and college without fear or worry of creating a financial burden on anyone or going into debt themselves. In allowing these things to become possible, we are allowing the next Einstein or Stephen Hawkings to come forth and help the world, as a gift for the world helping them. For the greatest gift of all is the kindness that a stranger shows unto a stranger, who in turn shows kindness unto another, for when you pass on the kindness it will come back to you for you to receive and pass on again. Random acts of kindness are not random, they are done out of need, whether the need of the giver or the need of the receiver. For it is assuredly better to give than to receive for there in the giving lies the true meaning of happiness, but do not turn giving into a chore for then it is not giving, but a chore, a chore that you will someday grow weary of doing. So, remember that when you give, it must truly come from you freely and with no self gain attached.
Written By Stephanie Jobe, April 2000