Buried Dreams

It takes great love and courage to excavate buried dreams. Today is a perfect time for going within and glancing back with affection and understanding at your real life journey so far. Once we were going to set the world on fire. Remember? Today, we all have our share of ashes, along with the memory of a few bright sparks, to show for our efforts. Over the years we've buried many a precious dream under layers of soot and rubble. Layers of naivete, good intentions, relinquishment, bitter failures, detours, disappointments, rejections, wrong choices, bad timing, bungled efforts, stupid mistakes, unforeseen circumstances, whims of fate and missed opportunities. It's no wonder that we'll need courage to retrace our steps. But "courage is the price that Life extracts for granting peace," the pilot Amelia Earhart reminds us. Do not be a "would-be-if-I-could-be... or... a could-be-if-I-would-be. Just be." Dreams need doing as much as they need being ... the being always comes first. Today is the day for being. Be with those you love, be kind to yourself. Be quiet and call forth the dream you buried long ago. The ember is still glowing in your soul. See it in your mind, hold it tenderly in your heart. ~Author Unknown~