Accept, Tolerate and Love

One of the things that bothers me a great deal right now is how some kids parents are so intolerant of things they don't understand. Whether it be because they are afraid of them or had a bad experience in their past with someone like them. Best example that I can give is of one of my friends, his Mom found out that he was gay. After finding this out his Mom grounded him indefinitely and then she went through his room and tore down all of his posters and took away some other things. All of this because his mother could not accept the fact that her son was gay. He is gay and there is no amount punishment that will change that fact,,, but the fact that she is ignorant of gays, that can be changed, with alittle education and time for her to realize and accept that he is her son and being gay will not make him not be her son. He is her son no matter what, whether he is or isn't gay has no bearing on being her son and her loving him because he is her son. The only thing that being gay has to do with is the image that she wants to portray to those she is trying to impress. Instead of accepting his new found identity and being tolerant of his life style.
We must all be accepting of those that are different from us we must accept their differences and tolerate those things that are different, for those things make them an individual separate from you or I. For we are all individuals, we must accept each other for our differences and tolerate those who do not believe or perceive things the way we do. We must educate those who are ignorant and intolerable about those differences.
Whether it be the color of our skin, our sexual preference or the fact that we have a disability that is visible in one way or another, those are differences that we must overcome, accept and tolerate. The individuals who have these differences must work harder to overcome them and be accepted, while the normal person just has to be able to accept and tolerate those individuals. Yet once they are able to do that they find an individual who is truly a warm and likable person, whom if it wasn't for that one difference they would have already accepted. We must realize that it is not how one looks on the outside that is important, but how they look on the inside and how they think that is, for some of the most beautiful people inside are ugly. When one is able to look beyond their exterior looks and see the real them inside and they are not scared to show how accepting that they really are and show that beauty, then and only then can we be able to stop the violence that people show towards that which they don't understand and are unwilling to accept. For it is only through acceptance and tolerance that we as humanity and a civilized society will be able to stop the violence that we show towards one another, no matter what our differences. ACCEPT, TOLERATE, and LOVE.
That, more than anything is what the world needs now and must have.
Written by Stephanie Jobe
Creations Guardians