Dreamers and Doers

Some of us hear our passion calling when we're very young, but most of us do not because we're too busy listening to what other people, especially our parents, are telling us. So we embark on a vocational path, trying on different lives for size until we find one we can wear even if it doesn't necessarily fit. Perhaps you're conflicted about continuing the journey you started twenty-five years ago but have outgrown. You know you're not heading in the direction you want to go, but at least your daily motions are familiar. And familiar feels safe. In today's uncertain world, feeling safe and secure seems the emotional definition of sanity. Perhaps you're skilled in one occupation but not thrilled about using those skills anymore. Some other work does secretly thrill you. But the stakes seem too high. Perhaps you're dismayed, even embarrassed, by the thought that you don't know what Great Work waits for you. Not knowing what you want to do can be very disconcerting. You want to go forward but find yourself standing still, overwhelmed by the options or the risks. Many people claim that they want to live passionately, but they don't have the foggiest idea what it is that excites them. Many of us are unconsciously engaged in an internal battle for control of direction. We have a common thread of discontent. But, however directionless we feel, our lives are filled with authentic clues. Does this sound like you? "I'd have to quit my job to get what I really want and I can't do that... I'd starve." "Every time I try to go after what I want, I drop the ball and I don't know why." "I want to do so many things, I'll never be able to pick only one." "How can I walk away from success? And what will I live on if I do?" "I want something I shouldn't want... it's trivial or unworthy." "I don't have Idea One what to do now." "I've tried so many things and nothing does it for me." "It's not my fault I'm not doing what I want... the world won't give me a break." "I'm trying to go after something, but my heart's not really in it, and I don't know why." You really do know what you want to do. Whether we realize it or not, there's a good reason behind everything we do or don't do, every choice we make or avoid. We can't go forward if we don't know what's holding us back. Knowing the truth does set you free. The price we pay for authenticity may seem high, but who among us can truly afford to continue living as a spendthrift of the self? The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do. Don't just entrust your hopes and wishes to the stars. Today, begin learning the craft that will enable you to reach for them.
~Author Unknown~