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This model will help you create a sparkling effect on your bushes or trees, making it look like a swarm of magical land complete with red and green fireflies. She said: ‘There was somebody who built a snowman, but if I’m honest, it’s been more like drinking games. The idea was started by neighbours Nick … Read more

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Nicholson said in the seven years his family has decorated their home, he’s seen kids walking home from school rip down a decoration or two, but he’s never experienced anything like this. Maybe the idea of stringing wire and glass all over your property and climbing your roof in the cold not only to set … Read more

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If the projector is placed beyond this range, the displayed image loses clarity. Projection range indicates the farthest distance the projector can be from the target (usually the house) and still create a clear image or light display. An IP rating indicates the waterproof level of the device. The IP rating may read IP67 or … Read more

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What it is: A 14ft globe-shaped design that sits high off the ground. Many outdoor laser lights include a stand or a stake so you have the option to install them in the ground or on a level surface. It’s also helpful to read online consumer reviews so you can choose the best laser lights … Read more

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The installation process will make you reject the string lights from every year. This helps you to project the snow on any side you prefer without major installation changes every single time. Extremely long-lasting. The projector also has a 2 in 1 projection system, which allows you to use pattern slide and wave colors at … Read more

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Maximize the use of space for clear images. At close to 4000 square feet it will cover a larger area than some apartments have floor space! By covering almost 5000 square feet, it allows you to create shows the scope and size the like of which your neighborhood has never seen before. Moreover, it can … Read more

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Are quite versatile. You can string them on a tree, doorway, railings and more. There are more than 20 modes of moving effects, static mode, and flash for choice. With this remote control, you will be able to switch up the different slides and color patterns, change between the 2 different speed modes, set several … Read more

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The unit is made of plastic and aluminum, making it lightweight and easy to move around the yard to get the desired look. It is designed to work at temperatures from -22 through 104 degrees Fahrenheit, making it versatile for people who live in many different climates. Some people felt that this light projector did … Read more

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Ask most people and they’ll agree: Christmas is one of the best holidays for outdoor decorating. This is simply the best product for all the parties. These lights are also used on different occasions other than Christmas like birthday, parties and marriages. Save 99 percent of energy when compared to string lights. These are also … Read more